Interview: DJ Raw Sugar (Berlin)

We’re kicking off the new year with an interview/mix combo from one of Berlin’s finest crate diggers.

DJ Raw Sugar started djing in the mid 90’s, spinning techno records at Berlin’s legendary Tresor Club. Soon enough he discovered his love for house music and has been an intergal part of the city’s vibrant club scene ever since.

His latest venture is Love Sexy Records – an outlet for sexy, playful and emotional electronic music.


Hi Patrick! We know you’ve been playing records across Berlin, in between stints in Australia and New Zealand, for a good few years now. So, tell us a bit about your career to date and what you’re up to at the moment.

Yes, it’s been a journey and I’ve just returned to Berlin after almost 9 years abroad. I’ve released original tracks and re-edits on a number of labels (Gazeebo, ISM, Voyeurhythm etc.) over the last 6 years and just recently started my own imprint Love Sexy Records. My partner Milly is currently starting her Do The Disco dance class where you can get your groove on and learn some funky dance moves. The two of us also do a monthly radio show on BLN.FM called Do The Disco and we are on the look out for a venue for a monthly label night. I’ve recently done the soundtrack for a Morning Gloryville Berlin video – those guys are doing early morning, sober dance parties across the world and just started here in Berlin now. Our website is a great hub to find out what we’re up to.

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Mister Biscuit’s 2014 Top Twenty

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 18.54.16

‘Tis here once more…

Here’s our definitive list of the tracks that defined 2014:

01. Percussions – KHLI – TEXT

A little ripper released via Four Tet’s alias, ‘Percussions’, that quickly became the standout track from our Dekmantel swansong.

02. Session Victim – Stick Together – Delusions of Grandeur

This heavenly track wangled its way into almost every memorable set / mix this year, and for good reason.

03. Edmondson – Don’t Stop – Hypercolour

A modest slice of bassy funk from Edmonson that seemed to slip under the radar all to easily. We’re not sure how though.

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Sandro Beninati, Seeward – Let The Night (Homebase Remix)

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 12.46.49

No, unfortunately this isn’t a debut edit from the UK’s leading home improvement store!

Homebase is in fact the namesake behind this track’s sterling remix, a rolling Tech House number which had my ears thinking of a juicy Ray Okpara mix I used to spend hours listening to as a lazy student with too much free time; listen to the start and you’ll see the similarities.

This vinyl-only release purrs away with a peachy set of drums and plenty of groove.

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Demuja ‘Piano Tool #1 – 124 Recordings [Free download]

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 18.17.13

There’s nothing quite like a warm set of housey piano keys and a cushy nineties melody, is there?

Stuffing a wedge of old skool chords with a bouncey bassline may well have been a quick fix for artists looking to milk the gravy train last year – some got it right, some got it wrong and a lot of producers got their knickers in a bit of a twist – but if you’re privvy to a bit of the good ol’ traditional stuff though, Owain Bellis probably needs no introduction; he’s the man behind 124 Recordings, a vinyl only label with it’s tastebuds rooted firmly in proper house music, who has stayed true to a real and orginal sound amidst all the musical madness.

Demuja ‘Piano Tool #1 is a signature track from this perspective, combining a throbbing bassline with an equisite set of piano chords. The result is a hands-in-the-air, dancefloor stomper…for free!

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