Delicious Inc – Eau de Chante – Tuccillo Rework


We’ve waited long and hard for this track’s availability as a single package, outside of a set/mix. It came eventually and then swiftly disappeared again – Tuccillo has sadly removed the single track from Soundcloud much to our disappointment!

We’ve had to revert back to satisfying our ears through Reboot’s summer podcast for Cadenza, where this thumping track emerges like a some gargantuan sea monster out of the depths at around the halfway point.

Just head to 25 minutes for your fix:

Or try out the whole thing right here (not sure when this video will be removed):

Tuccillo has taken one of our favourite house classics (we know the original is a Delicious Inc masterpiece, a bouncey slice of driving nineties stuff) and basically ramped it up, to create a pulsating, fist-punching bomb that’s been swamping sets and dance floors all over Ibiza this year; if you dont believe us, check this video out at about 4 minutes in.

Incidentally our ears picked this one out of a storming Simon Baker (who was nice enough to tell us the title of the track at the time) set at Resident Advisor’s Garden Party up in Leeds back in May!

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