Phil Gerus – Kissing This And That Of You – ManMakeMusic

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This week, one of our favourite labels released a clutch of what can only really be described as sweaty sex music tracks.

Forgive the rather naff eurotrash description but Phil Gerus‘ newest EP on ManMakeMusic‘s wreaks of the stuff, a buxom collection of records that start undressing themselves from minute one, with a full nudist spread on display by about track three, which is, by its very title alone, a copulation theme tune in the making, a lover’s swan song. No seriously, it’s a steamy disco edit with the capacity to really grease-up those dance floor limbs. Adorn Your Ankle is pretty sexed up too, a slow moving melody caressed by a seductive sax and drums that bubble away just under boiling point.

Whichever way you look at it, this is EP is packed with sunshine music totally appropriate for both a lazy Sunday morning or a full-throttle, hip-swaying after-hours soiree. It’s up to you…

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Dubfound – Hustlin – Fox Trax Records

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Fox Trax Records is a small Moscow-based house and techno label with a string of really on-point releases from a range of local and overseas talents in recent months; just have a listen to some of the label’s latest EPs by Brazilian, Ney Faustini, and Mister Biscuit favourite, Shyam, respectively.

(Shyam also released this gem on Fox Trax earlier this year).

However, this post was prompted by the sounds of Dubfound, a Moldovan artist behind the label’s newest EP, Cremia, of which ‘Hustlin’ is one track. It caught my ears with its rusty, tribal and, at times, slightly ‘sinister’ melody, layered with one or two spooky vocal loops and few glitchy analogue trips (trademark elements in much of this guy’s material it would seem). It’s not summery whatsoever, more akin to a dank Russian basement club, but it’s raw and a bit industrial with a driving bassline that really gets those limbs pumping.

The fact Cremia is a vinyl-only release, of which only 200 will be pressed, adds to the rather mysterious character of this track. It’s a bit wonky and dark, but very nice. Thumbs up.

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I got dekmunted at Dekmantel


- Hessle Audio, Main Stage

The big boys have been churning out glowing reviews of Dekmantel during the past week or so; RA, Crack, Electronic Beats, Hyponik – this festival has grabbed all the August headlines and rightly so, for it was an absolute delight from start to finish and I for one had a very nice time.

My favourite Dekmantel quote so far comes from Hyponik’s Conor McTernan, who said the festival ‘knocked his cloggs off.’ Bravo!

If you went to Dekmantel, these nostalgic articles will have no doubt been critical to aiding your suicidal post-festival state of comatose, carrying you through the darkness whilst those parched serotonin glands of yours replenished themselves.


If you didn’t go to Dekmantel, you’ve probably found all these articles about as useful as any other written about a festival you never attended or planned on attending: smug and boring.

Sozza mate. Here’s another.

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Peter Clamat – Unhooked Strokes – Big Bait Records

Screen shot 2014-06-06 at 18.02.26

This is a funky little number from Big Bait Records‘ Peter Clamat that packs more than enough energy to get those limbs moving for the dance floor.

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