Interview: Ernest

A long weekend in Berlin led to some incredible finds way out back in November. After a weekend walking the concrete floors of some of the finest clubs the EU has to offer – Renate, Farbfernseher, About Blank – we stumbled upon Chalet.

On the Monday night we visited, only the top floor was open, but there was a man behind the decks who made our evening jaunt completely worthwhile – Ernest. So, when we got back to Blighty we simply had to have a word with the man to find out just what makes him tick.


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Toni Be – Black Haumea EP – Rawthenticity

Screen shot 2014-04-06 at 17.35.56

Here’s a fully French masterclass featuring Rawthenticity owner Fulbert and fellow countryman Toni Be, the latter man responsible for serving up a really fine crafted, crisp EP that is set to be released later this month.

Black Haumea clearly has its roots cemented in a spacey, remote, deep house sound – indeed our research tells us ‘Haumea’ is actually one of Neptune’s very own ‘dwarf planets’ – a particularly apt name in this instance. Have a listen and see what you think:

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Leigh Dickson – KNOE 3/2 – Boe Recordings

Screen shot 2014-04-06 at 17.10.47

You can always trust Boe Recordings to dish up a cool serving of deep, authentic house music.

Their newest EP comes via Leigh Dickson, a London-based producer who’s previously released some pretty strident techno on labels like Pariter. This most recent release doesn’t wander all that far from a minimal template either. You’ve got four tracks here, each leaning towards a stripped back deep house sound; each is beautifully composed, marrying a collection of intricate percussion pieces to create an ambient, far-off-sounding and absorbing selection.

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Top 15 tracks of 2010


In 2010, South Africa hosted the FIFA World Cup, 33 Chilean miners were rescued after spending 69 days 700m underground and the Arab Spring started.

It was also a time for some pretty good music – in no particular order, here are our 15 favourite tracks from the year of the tiger.

01. Manik – Sex Panther – Culprit

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Erosion Flow – The Hustle – ManMakeMusic

Loving this particular track from Erosion Flow‘s newest EP for ManMakeMusic.

The Danish producer presents four records here, each possessing a slightly gritty, skewed and rough-around-the-edges sound – the perfect stuff for a long Scandinavian winter’s night, we’d imagine. ‘The Hustle’ is more acclimatised though, featuring an industrial slab of bass and a layer of 4/4 that takes the edge off it. We’d definitely be more than happy to hear this played out all through the summer.

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Centric House – Alright (Black Bombers Sandcastles Edit)


Tune into this for a soulful, jazzy house joyride. Plain & simple.

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Bodhi – Soul Seeker – Ten Thousand Yen


Got home from last night, sat down, opened up Soundcloud and got hit with this peachy number from Cardiff-based outfit, Bodhi.

The Bodhi boys first grabbed our attention just over a year ago with their light-hearted but equally thumping edit of Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch’s classic, Good Vibrations.

Soul Seeker is just one track off their new I Need You EP on Ten Thousand Yen, an impressive imprint based somewhere ‘between’ South Wales, London and Berlin. Whilst that’s a tad vague, this new EP is nothing of the sort; in fact, it’s really on-point, especially the last record, Soul Seeker, which we think might contain a super-slowed down vocal sample taken from this old gem (that’s very much a finger-in-the-air guess, mind, so don’t quote us on that). It’s a lazy, stretchy track made uber-sensual by these lyrics alone. Chuck in some nice percussion elements and a wedge of bass and you’ve got yourself a summertime terrace number…

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AFMB – Somewhere – Drumpoet Community


AFMB first grabbed our attention back in 2010, when he released the outstanding nineties-style slammer, Backup Days, featuring a lyrical masterclass from Geraldine Roth and a generous helping of piano keys.

Over the past week or so, Bernd Kunz has been grooming our ears again by way of his latest masterpiece – the colourful twelve track LP, Somewhere, packed full of previously unreleased treasures. It’s actually pretty tough to put a finger on just one track when you tune in here; this selection goes far and wide, a fitting canvas upon which AFMB displays his skills as a producer, plus the sheer range of influences that have shaped this compilation; there’s slow stuff, disco, eighties, New Jersey, Pop…it’s an absolute gold mine of a release and we strongly advise listening to the whole of it from start to finish.

If we had to pick a stand-out track though, it would be this one:

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