Sandro Beninati, Seeward – Let The Night (Homebase Remix)

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 12.46.49

No, unfortunately this isn’t a debut edit from the UK’s leading home improvement store!

Homebase is in fact the namesake behind this track’s sterling remix, a rolling Tech House number which had my ears thinking of a juicy Ray Okpara mix I used to spend hours listening to as a lazy student with too much free time; listen to the start and you’ll see the similarities.

This vinyl-only release purrs away with a peachy set of drums and plenty of groove.

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Demuja ‘Piano Tool #1 – 124 Recordings [Free download]

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 18.17.13

There’s nothing quite like a warm set of housey piano keys and a cushy nineties melody, is there?

Stuffing a wedge of old skool chords with a bouncey bassline may well have been a quick fix for artists looking to milk the gravy train last year – some got it right, some got it wrong and a lot of producers got their knickers in a bit of a twist – but if you’re privvy to a bit of the good ol’ traditional stuff though, Owain Bellis probably needs no introduction; he’s the man behind 124 Recordings, a vinyl only label with it’s tastebuds rooted firmly in proper house music, who has stayed true to a real and orginal sound amidst all the musical madness.

Demuja ‘Piano Tool #1 is a signature track from this perspective, combining a throbbing bassline with an equisite set of piano chords. The result is a hands-in-the-air, dancefloor stomper…for free!

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Luvless – Part of Me – Sleazy Beats


We’ve all got our own tried and tested means of acquiring the best newfangled musical cuts.

For me, an evergreen source of electronic musical bounty is Sleazy Beats, a consistently vibrant oasis of crisp, on-point records both new and old.

Pitching themselves as little more than just a ‘wee DIY label’, Sleazy Beats’ modesty belies the embarrassment of riches burrowed away on their various online outlets, namely their blog – a treasure trove of slick vinyl cuts and disco deviance.

The latest offering to be released on the Sleazy Beats label is Part of Me, an EP by the Leipzig-based producer, Luvless.

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Phil Gerus – Kissing This And That Of You – ManMakeMusic

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 15.57.57

This week, one of our favourite labels released a clutch of what can only really be described as sweaty sex music tracks.

Forgive the rather naff eurotrash description but Phil Gerus‘ newest EP on ManMakeMusic‘s wreaks of the stuff, a buxom collection of records that start undressing themselves from minute one, with a full nudist spread on display by about track three, which is, by its very title alone, a copulation theme tune in the making, a lover’s swan song. No seriously, it’s a steamy disco edit with the capacity to really grease-up those dance floor limbs. Adorn Your Ankle is pretty sexed up too, a slow moving melody caressed by a seductive sax and drums that bubble away just under boiling point.

Whichever way you look at it, this is EP is packed with sunshine music totally appropriate for both a lazy Sunday morning or a full-throttle, hip-swaying after-hours soiree. It’s up to you…

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